Serena Penman Watercolours & Oil Paintings

Serena Penman Watercolours & Oil Paintings



Next term will start on TUESDAY 25 SEPTEMBER

Classes this year are Tuesday afternoons (2 – 4.30), a watercolour with drawing class, all abilities; and Wednesday evenings (7 – 9pm) general drawing & painting.

There are currently places available in both, though only a few left in the watercolour class. Please contact me here or via the Paddock website if you’d like to join either.


INFORMAL SESSIONS (no fee, no tuition, no commitment required)…

continue on Tuesday afternoons starting 2pm.  September 18: St. Michael’s churchyard, High Street, near the bottleneck. (If you haven’t been before – go through the church itself and out again through the door on the left.) Parking: h’mm. Westgate car park? Maltings? or, as the studio’s official term start date is the 18th, but we’re not there till next week, I doubt if anyone will be inconvenienced if some people park as usual outside the studio. Turn downhill from the studio, up the footpath on the right, which brings you out at the end of Westgate Street. Steps ahead lead through to the high Street.

Term begins next week.